May 2019 Newsletter

And that's a wrap on the 2018-2019 school year! Well, almost- we have two days of school and two days of finals left. Very last Technology Newsletter is going in everyone's boxes tomorrow. You can view/download copies from the entire year here.

Why There's No April 2019 Newsletter

I set a goal at the beginning of last school year (August 2018) to publish a monthly newsletter, starting in September. Not only did I stick to that plan, but I also had numerous people thank me for it and say that it was helpful and that they looked forward to getting it. Things were going good, but I soon realized that more people weren't reading it than were. The increasing number of them in the trash in the mailroom was disheartening. In March, I put a lot of good stuff in the newsletter, like:

an offer to help people writing grants
an offer to help people set up their first Donors Choose projects (+ a $30 donation!)
free candy bars to the first 5 teachers that gave Mr. S a high five

And you know how many people responded to any of those offers? You guessed it- not a single one! I was frustrated and just couldn't bring myself to take time out everything else I was doing to make another newsletter that no one was going to read. So I took a break. I'm back writing the newsletter for May, and I'm working on making some changes. Mainly, I think that I was trying to put too much in each newsletter, so I'm going to scale back the number of things I include, and instead try to do a better job of clearly explaining just one thing each month. For next year, I'm also going to look for (or design) a better layout. The one I have been using is visually very nice, but better suited for a lot of text, which is something I'm going to try and get away from. So there you  have it, why there's no April Newsletter. 

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