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When it comes to curriculum, I am a definite fan of OERs (Open Educational Resources), but I also think that there's a place for teacher-created resources as well. I opened a Teachers Pay Teachers store this August, and so far here's what I have made available:

Classroom Updates, 2019

My classroom is still very much a work in progress, even though it's already November. I'm hoping to get it 100% where I'm happy with by before we leave for Christmas break. Switching the entire room arrangement (and switching subjects) made it a bigger undertaking than in year's past.  Here's what's new:

I switched the desks around so that the one with the solid front faces the door, and added faux wood bulletin board paper.

I also added it to the back cabinets. I think I like the lighter wood better, but it had been on the cabinets for two years and was looking rough. Since I took my graffiti quote wall down, I added a smaller one to the upper cabinets, featuring my favorite Edward Abbey quote.

The letter board wall got some extra accents.

And I got some hexagon bulletin boards for the white board behind my desk.

I made a super cute hall pass, that I'm more impressed with than the students.

And a designated spot at the front of the room to display what I'm reading.

And lastly, a very on trend letter board ledge quote, that I DIY'ed.

I still need to re-hang my lights (third time's a charm!) and fix my new graffiti wall- hopefully soon!

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