Why It's Important To Confirm Things Before You Post Them

Seen this?
Here's the original source, labeled as parody
During this period of 'social distancing' where many people are spending (even more) time online, it's more important than ever that we not intentionally spread things that are not true online. I saw this 'letter' posted at least a dozen times this week. Reassuringly, most times that it was posted, someone else also posted the fact that it's not real. Un-reassuringly, I've also seen people comment that it didn't really matter that it wasn't true, because it was funny.

This is very frustrating for a number of reasons:

1. First, it's not even that funny. Alcoholism isn't funny.

2. (the nerd in me wants to say) This is nothing like Fitzgerald, this is a stereotypically bad representation of the lost generation authors.

3. Most importantly, everyone has an obligation NOT to repost and spread things during these crazy and uncertain times, even seemingly unimportant things. We should be modeling for our students being good digital citizens.

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